Saturday, May 09, 2009

Stabat Mater

 The grieving Mother stood
beside the cross weeping
where her Son was hanging.
Through her weeping soul,
compassionate and grieving,
a sword passed.
O how sad and afflicted
was that blessed
Mother of the Only-begotten!
Who mourned and grieved,
the pious Mother, with seeing
the torment of her glorious Son.
Who is the man who would not weep
if seeing the Mother of Christ
in such agony?
Who would not be have compassion
on beholding the devout mother
suffering with her Son?
For the sins of His people
she saw Jesus in torment
and subjected to the scourge.
She saw her sweet Son
dying, forsaken,
while He gave up His spirit.
Christ, when it is henceforth in need to pass away,
grant that through your Mother I may come
to the palm of victory. Amen.

-Morning Prayer-
 O Mother, fountain of love,
make me feel the power of sorrow,
that I may grieve with you.
Grant that my heart may burn
in the love of the Lord Christ
that I may greatly please Him.
Holy Mother, grant this of yours,
that the wounds of the Crucified be well-formed
in my heart.
Grant that the punishment of your wounded Son,
so worthily suffered for me,
may be shared with me.
Let me sincerely weep with you,
bemoan the Crucified,
for as long as I live.
To stand beside the cross with you,
and for me to join you
in mourning, this I desire.
When my body dies,
grant that to my soul is given
the glory of paradise. Amen.

-Evening Prayer-
Chosen Virgin of virgins,
to me, now, be not bitter;
let me mourn with you.
Grant that I may bear the death of Christ,
grant me the fate of His passion
and the remembrance of His wounds.
Let me be wounded with distress,
inebriated in this way by the cross
and the blood of your Son.
Lest I be destroyed by fire, set alight,
then through you, Virgin, may I be defended
on the day of judgement.
Let me be guarded by the cross,
fortified by the death of Christ,
and cherished by grace.
When my body dies,
grant that to my soul is given
the glory of paradise. Amen

Monday, May 04, 2009

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