Friday, January 25, 2008

Guido's impending Conniption

Guido P., upon reading that The Cruel Virgin Express is shutting down, bulldozes his way into the emporium's Executive Offices and demands an explanation.
The busy staff is underwhelmed and decides to up the ante and directs the bereaved man to the Enemy of the Republic's Executive Assistants Chambers and its presiding Chief Executive Assistant To the Enemy of the Republic.

A vigorous tete-a-tete ensues with the Cruel Virgin's Chief Executive Assistant, Miss Extreme-Unction, advising Guido P., the much anguished but concerned internet lurker:

"Dear sir, the Enemy of the Republic shall not see you. She did instruct me to ask you, verbatim:

'Mr. Guido P., what part of the Message is it you do not understand?'"

A gathering background rabble of internet lurkers murmur amongst themselves .

To read the message go here:

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