Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sen. Obama counters with a jig of his own


sparringK9 said...

a counter-point to obama's "ellen" show shuffle.

how do you like hillary borrowing 5 mil from her own (thats a broad term, grrrherhahaha) money and then sending out an appeal to replace that money with donations? un.believe.able. at least mitt romney spent his own dough without whining about it - or asking joe america to refund it for him. *sniff* trust me she and bill are just as rich mitt. babies.

guess its hard for her to get free dirty money with her main chinese mafia guy in prison.

btw, your comments at cruel virgin on why choose life? nicely played.

piktor said...

She, coincidentally the news that Ron Burkle is paying $20 million for Bubba's wonderfulness and the sudden $7 million collected in the first week of February by the Hillary campaign cannot be topped.

Are these Billary crooks ever going to be held accountable?