Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Silly Season has some winners



roxanne s. sukhan said...

hi ...

piktor said...

Hi, Frizzy!

Mauricio said...

Hello Piktor!

Hugs from Rio

Anonymous said...

Hi piktor,

This comment has nothing to do with this entry but about " Horsey " posted February 20, 2007. I want to make sure you read this so you can email me. It's about my wanting to know if you'll allow me the privilege to use that magnificent image for my av at ChromedMeat

...with proper acknowledgments to you and your site, of course.

f darrow

piktor said...


Your compositions are as beautiful as always!

piktor said...


I have a terrible headache this morning, can't think, cause it hurts.

If you want to copy and paste the image, go right ahead, no problem.

I updated the flag background in "silly season" image.

If you do use the image, tell me where you posted it. Its fun for me to see in this magic "internets" technical wonder.

Anonymous said...

Hi piktor,

Hoping your headache has passed.

I'm using this most recent entry conduit of yours ( the comments section of " Silly Season " ) in order to make sure my message gets to you. I hadn't yet posted the image I wanted ( the gold/silver representation of a rearing steed in your " Horsey " posting of Feb 20 of last year ) as my avatar because I wanted - and have now gotten! - your approval. If you want to see it, google ( or better yet join ) Stumbleupon where I'm listed as

By the time you get there, Horsey will my proud, new av.

Thank you kindly,

Flynn Darrow